About DFG SPP Summer School

The goal of the DFG priority program on Scalable Data Management for Future Hardware is based on the observation that data management systems will undergo a radical shift in the next few years with the current advances in the hardware as well as the operating system and thereby open great opportunities for rethinking current system architectures. Inline with this overall goal, the aim of this summer school is to educate students on how such system architectures can be designed by looking at the recent establishments in the area of modern storage, compute, and networks.

The summer school will start with an introduction to modern storage with topics related to recent practices of persistent memory and SSD codesign in databases as well as next-generation storage for the cloud. The next day will cover talks on current usage of modern hardware such as FPGAs in data management systems with a glimpse into the hardware that Intel and AMD provides. Finally, on the last day the summer school will cover topics on modern networks. On the second day, the PhD participants will be given an opportunity to present their own research as a poster and thereafter a possibility for discussion with the in-person audience.

The summer school will take place in-person from 12th to 14th of October consisting of several talks from renowned researchers in this field. The event is planned to be held in-person at Hotel Lufthansa Seeheim that is embedded in the beautiful landscape of Odenwald near to nature.

Important Dates

  • Registration deadline: 7th August 10th August 2022, 23:59 CET
  • Notification for acceptance: 18th August 2022
  • Event: 12th - 14th October 2022
  • Application Process and Costs

    The summer school will accept around 30 participants within (internal) and outside (external) DFG SPP project. Every participant will be expected to attend the in-person event and thus we encourage an early application. We encourage applications from PhD students and early career researchers who are working in this field of data management systems on modern hardware and networks or in related fields of the topics of the summer school. Master students and postdocs are also welcome to register subject to availability.

    The summer school is free of charge for attendance for the internal SPP participants and for externals the fee is 100€. Additionally, the selected participants (both internal and external) are expected to pay for their own travel expenses and the room cost for their stay at Hotel Lufthansa Seeheim. Preliminary costs for a single room is 252€ (incl. full board). So the total costs are around 350€ for external participants. Internal participants can apply for reimbursement for the travel and accommodation costs. Due to the limited availability, each PI gets one free registration. Additional registrations are charged similarly as external participant.

    Participants can use the following registration link to register for the summer school latest until August 7th August 10th . External applicants must provide a short motivational abstract about their research and CV or publication list (optional) for their application. The selection will be made based on the abstracts.

  • Registration LINK
  • Schedule

    [Updated: 12th October]

    Presentation and Welcome

    Carsten Binnig

    13:50h - 14:00h

    Principles of Database and SSD Co-Design / Survey of the storage landscape

    Philippe Bonnet

    Persistent memory in database systems: Recent practices, caveats, and challenges ahead

    Tianzheng Wang

    14:00h - 16:00h

    Coffee Break and Networking, 16:00h - 16:30h

    Could cloud storage be disrupted in the next decade? / Remote Talk

    Ioan Stefanovici

    Memory-centric Computing / Remote Talk

    Onur Mutlu

    16:30h - 18:30h

    Dinner and Social Stuff, 18:30h - 20:30h

    Disaggregated * Meets Near-Data Processing / Remote Talk

    Alexandra Fedorova

    20:30h - 21:30h

    Using Programmable Hardware Accelerators in Analytics

    Zsolt Istvan

    Modern Trends in GPU Computing

    Holger Fröning

    09:00h - 11:00h

    Coffee Break and Networking, 11:00h - 11:30h

    Novel FPGA Approaches to Pervasive AI

    Lucian Petrica

    Intel FPGAs for DBMS and upcoming trends

    Christian Faerber

    11:30h - 12:30h

    Lunch, 12:30h - 14:30h

    Poster Session (participants)

    14:30h - 16:30h

    Social activity

    16:30h - 18:00h


    18:30h onwards

    New trends for in-network computing

    Torsten Hoefler

    Modern Data Center Networks

    Spyros Blanas

    08:00h - 10:00h

    Coffee Break and Networking, 10:00h - 10:30h

    Tutorial on ACCL: an open-source FPGA accelerated communication library for scale-out applications

    Lucian Petrica

    10:30h - 11:30h

    Lunch and Closing, 11:30h onwards

    Confirmed Speakers

    Spyros Blanas

    The Ohio State University

    Holger Fröning

    University of Heidelberg

    Philippe Bonnet

    IT University of Copenhagen

    Alexandra Fedorova

    The University of British Columbia

    Torsten Hoefler

    ETH Zürich

    Zsolt Istvan

    Technical University of Darmstadt

    Lucian Petrica


    Onur Mutlu

    ETH Zurich

    Ioan Stefanovici

    Microsoft Research

    Tianzheng Wang

    Simon Fraser University


    DFG SPP 2037 Summer School will take place at Hotel Lufthansa Seeheim located about 45 km south of Frankfurt am Main and is very well connected to the airport with public transport and the motorway. Please refer here for more instructions on how to reach from Frankfurt.


    The summer school is co-organized by Prof. Carsten Binnig from Technical University of Darmstadt and Prof. Kai-Uwe Sattler from Technical University of Ilmenau. The local organization is led by Manisha Luthra and the team: Nils Boeschen, Lasse Thostrup, Matthias Jasny, and Tobias Ziegler from Technical University of Darmstadt.